Week four

asfdsDigital Divide



How can we close the gap on the digital divide?

This Infographic identifies the physical requirements that are needed when teaching ICT’s in the 21st century. It is difficult for students in schools in developing countries or schools in low-socio economic towns or cities to have the same experience or even be exposed to new technologies. It is difficult to teach a lesson based on the use of ICT technologies when schools have a limited supply of computers, laptops etc. When there is a limited amount supplies in classrooms it is difficult for students to have a sufficient amount of time to experiment with the piece of technology.

Closing the gap on the digital divide within Australia is difficult; on a global scale it is almost impossible. As teachers it is vital to keep in mind that not all children can go home and play with their video games, on their iPod touch or on their computers. Exposure to the ICT’s varies from child to child we need to give students of the 21st century to explore these new technologies and become familiar with them. The school curriculum needs be accommodating of ICT technologies. This is the only way we can give all students an equal chance to excel in their ICT skill set.



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