Week Five


Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you. Pintrest is a great way to allow students who are visual learners to present their information through images.

Pintrest allows you to make ‘pins’ which are like little bookmarks. Whenever you find something interesting that you want to keep you can ‘pin’ it to one of your boards. When you ‘pin’ something it means you can see it whenever you need it, you can also click it and it will take you back to the site it came from. You collect your pins on boards. Boards are where you can organize your pins.

i.e.) “Ideas for my party”

“Place I want to travel to”

“Ideas for lesson”

You can then share these boards with your friends. These boards can also be shared on Facebook, or they can be kept private.You can also follow boards that you may find interesting. You can follow other people or your friends. The latest pins from the boards you are following will be displayed in your home feed.


Pinterest is a great way to express who you are and what you really like without having to write any of your own thoughts down.

It encourages an artistic side and gives you a chance to be creative and inspired.

Here is a collage of images from my Pintrest board “My Future”









APA 6th Edition Referencing

Thijs. (Photographer). (2012, March 22). Pinterest for GLAMs: Europeana’s Experiment [Print Photo]. Retrieved  on May 1st 2014 from http://blog.europeana.eu/2012/03/pinterest-for-glams-europeanas-experiment/


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