Week six



click here to view my video: Digital Fluency

This video illustrates the technologies that Generation Y has been raised with. From an early age these now adults were exposed to technologies such as the floppy disk, printers and Windows Messenger. This meant that when new technologies such as USB’s, Facebook and digital cameras were created they already had the prerequisite skills to use these new technologies. Generation Y can use digital technologies confidently as a result of using these technologies in their early schooling years.

Christian’s article explains the difference between being digitally literate and being digitally fluent. He uses the example of someone building a house. He states that “A literate person is perfectly capable of using tools, they know how to use them and what to do with them but the outcome is less likely to match their intention”. A person who is fluent in building houses “Is comfortable with when to use the tools to achieve the desired outcome, and even why the tools they are using are likely to have the desired outcome at all” (Christian, 2011)



(Christian, 2011)

People who are digitally fluent know when to use certain technologies, computer programs, applications and so on to achieve a desired outcome. They also know why the technologies they are using will enable them to achieve their desired outcome


Here is the link to my Scratch animation I made this week:


APA 6th Edition Referencing:

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Christian. (2011, February 5). The difference between digital literacy and digital fluency. Retrieved on May 1st 2014 from http://www.socialens.com/blog/2011/02/05/the-difference-between-digital-literacy-and-digital-fluency/



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