Week seven


Digital blurring is using things that we once only used in our private life and coming up with ways to use them in an educational setting. This means that learning in schools in more engaging and interesting.For example, once  MSN (instant messenger)  was only for personal use in our private life. Now we can use this in an educational setting as a means for our students to communicate with other students from other states, cities and countries.

Allowing students to use technology in the classroom such as MSN gives them an opportunity to communicate with others and transmit information to each other in a different form. Students are actively participating and thinking about information. Using a tool such as instant messenger supports student-led learning.

Teachers need to use technology to their advantage to allow students to guide their own learning and take responsibility for it. This means allowing their students to make their own choices but keep in mind their objectives.

Student directed learning has never been as interesting and engaging. Instant messenger programs could eliminate problems that may arise doing group work. Students can communicate from home or if a student is away from school it could be as simple as messaging a student the groups progress.

Not only is it useful to communicate within the class but it can be used to do activities such as online tutoring for students overseas, or having a ‘pen pals’ program where students can develop an educational friendship with someone from another school or another country.


This week I made a game using Sploder

Here is the link to my game:

Capture the flag, Robots! : http://www.sploder.com/?s=d004390j


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