Week eight




Being a lifelong learner

Lifelong learning promotes learning beyond traditional schooling and throughout adult life. It is ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated.

The pursuit of wanting to expand your personal knowledge base is a key factor in life-long learning. This can be for either personal or professional reasons. You can want to expand your learning for personal development, competitiveness or employability.

There are many benefits to wanting to be a life-long learner such as expanding your viewpoints and opinions, increase your curiosity, help with your adaptability to change, keeps you involved in society and up to date with current affairs and  helps you feel fulfilled (Nordstrom).

Learning is no longer restricted to a classroom setting. Computers and the internet have allowed people to increase their knowledge and further their education. The internet has allowed people all over the globe to receive higher education through the internet. Life-long learning has never been this accessible. The internet has shifted the way we learn. Never before could you receive a degree online.

Overall, lifelong learning has an abundant amount of positive effects to a person’s professional and personal life. Learning a new skill or learning about something you have always been passionate about is worth pursuing. With the internet so readily available to people it is worth learning and improving your mental acuity.

Digital brain

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