Teaching In A Digital World- Lesson Plan



Introduction to Pintrest
Time: 45 minutesLearning Areas: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Years: 5-6

Number of Students: 20

Learning objectives   Students will discover how to use Pintrest through experimenting with creating a board and pinning images
Curriculum links Mathematics (ACMMG045)

  • locate information from a given set of digital sources
  • locating information following hyperlinks; printing pages; copying and pasting text and images; experimenting in a simulation environment to test decisions

Mathematics (ACMNA123)

  • use ICT effectively to record ideas, represent thinking and plan solutions
  • using timeline software to plan processes; using concept mapping and brainstorming software to generate key ideas; using graphic and audio visual software to record ideas
Prior knowledge –    Familiarity with Ipads–    Familiar with using internet, and have an understanding of how to navigate i.e.) where is the search bar-    Able to navigate  Ipads i.e.) finding safari on home screen, using ‘back’ if wanting to return to previous page-   Ability to ‘search’ using pintrest i.e.) pressing ‘enter’ to search particular image
Resources –   10 Ipads- 1 Laptop

– Cables for projector

– projector


Introduction 1)     Teacher will assemble students in classroom, all students will sit at their desks2)     Teacher will divide class up into pairs3)     Teacher will discuss Pintrest and how to use iti.e.) Pintrest allows you to make ‘pins’ which are like little bookmarks. Whenever you find something interesting that you want to keep you can ‘pin’ it to one of your boards. When you ‘pin’ something it means you can see it whenever you need it, you can also click it and it will take you back to the site it came from. You collect your pins on boards. Boards are where you can organize your pinsTeacher will demonstrate on laptop (attached to projector)

i.         how to search an image using pintrest

ii.        How to pin an image

iii.        How to make a board

4)     Teacher will hand out 1 laptop per pair

5)     Teacher will allow students to ask questions or give any input during the introduction task



Body of the lesson 1)      Teachers will explain task:‘In pairs create a pintrest board on ICT technologies that you or your partner have used before or would like to use in the classroom/ at school in the future2)     Teacher will inform students that: ‘At the end of the lesson they will need to discuss their Pintrest board and will be required to give reasoning to why each image was pinned to their board3)     Teacher will allow students to spend 15-20 minutes creating their Pintrest boards4)     Teacher will navigate around the classroom during the body of the lesson and help students when needed


Concluding the lesson 1)     Teacher will bring the body of the lesson to a close and re-group with the class2)     Teacher will instruct 1 group at a time to discuss their Pintrest board3)    Teacher will ask any or all of the questions (depending on time)-          What could this technology be used for at school?–          How do you use this piece of technology?–          Why would this be a piece of technology you would want to use in the classroom?

–          How could we use this piece of technology in the classroom?

4)     Teacher will briefly discuss the follow up lesson


Evaluation/Follow up The lesson will be successful if:

  • Students have minor difficulties navigating their way around Pintrest
  • Students successfully search for images relevant to ‘ICT’
  • Students display enthusiasm and are engaged during lesson

Follow up lesson

  • Students will use their Pintrest boards on ICT to create a power point presentation on ICT in the classroom




APA 6th Edition References

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. (2012). Australian Curriculum. Retrieved fromhttp://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/



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